The clear bra, officially termed paint protection film, is a thermoplastic urethane film that can be applied over a vehicle’s exterior paint job in order to protect it from all manner of minor “injuries”that could occur under basic driving conditions. It is the ultimate protection for your cars paint. Over the years, various versions and brands of this product have hit the market with XPEL clear bras hitting the scene more recently. What started with a headlight cover in 2003 has expanded in the years since to give customers the option of a full vehicle covering.

The XPEL brand has come to manufacture products that are now leading the paint protection film industry in quality and performance. Working as a barrier between a vehicle’s paint job and the numerous conditions that can cause damage and result in expensive repairs, XPEL clear bra products are offered in a few different designs that car owners can choose from based on their needs.

Whether it’s the extra visually transparent XPEL Xtreme, the XPEL Armor designed for off-road, industrial and commercial vehicles or the XPEL Stealth, which is made especially for exotic and custom cars, these clear bras and full-car films guarantee to have every type of car owner covered and protected.

Most recently, XPEL has come out with their Ultimate protective film that is a considerable step up from the original clear bra and actually “self-heals” scratches when the film is exposed to heat from the sun. The product offers a 10-year warranty against “yellowing, cracking, peeling, staining and hazing, covering both film and labor.”

Reviews for all XPEL clear bra products have been extremely positive, and their performance has solidified the brand as a significant market player and alternative to versions produced by other companies.