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Thousand Oaks Clear Bra Installer for over 20 years. In Addition to Clear Bra  (aka Paint Protection Film) we also provide Window Tint, Vinyl, Ceramic Coat, Powder Coat, and Windshield Protection Film.

Award-Winning Ghost Shield Film sets the standard with LIFETIME Warranty on Install on Clear Bra with a 10 Year Warranty on Film.

Thousand Oaks Clear Bra Ghost Shield Film

Clear Bra: The Stealth Wrap

A Stealth Wrap is a Full Car Wrap using Satin (aka Matte) Clear Bra film. You get all the benefits of a Clear Bra Wrap while changing the look of your vehicle. It looks excellent on black and rad on Red Tesla Model Y or Blue Range Rover. Most Colors look great under Clear/Satin Film. Come by our shop in Thousand Oaks and we will show you samples.

Industry Leading Warranty on Thousand Oaks Clear Bra


We only use the best film on the market. All Clear Bra we install at Ghost Shield Film is covered by a manufacture’s 10 year warranty.


At Ghost Shield, you can be sure that your Clear Bra protection film will be installed quickly and efficiently.


There will be no bubbles, scratches, and uneven spots on any part of your vehicle due to careless film application.

An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of repainting, time and money.

Clear Bra (aka Paint Protection Film) has evolved. It lasts longer, it’s thicker, and self heals on hot days. Clear Bra is perfect if you want to forget it’s there… Satin Clear Bra on the other hand changes the look in an awesome way. If you are a fan of a matte finish you may be interested in the Stealth Wrap (Like the fellow with the Green Tacoma above).

Clear Bra Packages

Thousand Oaks Clear Bra
"We Wrap Everything - From Pinto's to Porsche's, Harley's to RV's, Trucks and Teslas"
Garret Pegler, President of Ghost Shield Film of Thousand Oaks

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Now Offering Pick Up and Drop off on Full Car Wraps (Clear Bra or Vinyl) for Thousand Oaks Residents

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The advantages of owning an Invisible Bra:
  • Prevents the rusting caused by chipped paint because it doesn’t allow the paint to get chipped in the first place.
  • Protects your vehicle from the damage dealt by gravel and debris you will encounter on the road.
  • Can be replaced or removed easily.
  • Prevents some of the chemical reactions that ruins car paint.
  • Increases the value of your car should you decide to sell it.

The Best Protection

Ghost Shield Film Protects Your Vehicle from Flying Rocks, Dirt, and Debris.

The Best Warranty

10-year Warranty on Film and Lifetime Warranty on Install.

The Best Film

Features Technology to Repair Itself and Save You Thousands on Paint Correction.

Ghost Shield Film Services

Clear Bra
Thousand Oaks Clear Bra
Ceramic Coat
Thousand Oaks Ceramic Coat Ghost Shield Film
Vinyl Wrap
Thousand Oaks Vinyl Wrap Ghost Shield Film
Powder Coat
Thousand Oaks Powder Coat Ghost Shield Film
Window Tint
Thousand Oaks Window Tint Ghost Shield Film
Windshield Film
Thousand Oaks Windshield Film Ghost Shield Film

Tiffany & Co Corvette C8 Vinyl Wrap

The Tiffany Corvette was a gift for a friends Wife. We did a lot to this car to make it the best Tiffany & Co Corvette C8 out there. Created right here in Thousand Oaks!

Custom Painted Corvette Badge, Crabon Fiber Front Splitter, Tinted Headlights, Tiffany blue accents on the wheels, lowered 3 inches, Tinted Windows and Windshield, Carbon Fiber accents on the sides, Black Clear Bra on the top, Changed low wing to high wing. Carbon Fiber accents in the back and the Tiffany Blue just “pops”.

Ghost Shield Film wraps them all! Trucks, Motorcycles, Vintage, Exotics, Prestige, Military Vehicles… We welcome any car out there!

Customer Testimonials

Thousand Oaks Clear Bra Customer Testimonials: Yenho T

"Professional, perfectionist, on-time and great understanding of customer needs. I chose Ghost Shield due to the perfect reviews on Yelp.  I can understand why people gave Ghost Shield this perfect score now."

Yenho T.
Thousand Oaks Clear Bra  Customer Testimonials: Julien D

"I have had two of my cars protected by Ghost Shield in the past and could not have been more pleased. They work great, fast and inexpensively!"

Julien D.
Thousand Oaks Clear Bra  Customer Testimonials: Cynthia A

"Got our car wrapped. Best thing we ever did! Should have done it to our other cars. Wish we would have known about this company before. Garrett and his team are very professional, honest and courteous to their customers."

Cynthia A.

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Our Promise

Garret Pegler
"We do everything in our power to ensure our customers walk out our door happy and satisfied with their car. We guarantee our installation for as long as you own your vehicle."
Garret Pegler // Owner

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