Here is what some of our clients have to say:

  • These guys are PROFESSIONAL and do AMAZING work!


    Ghost Shield installed a Clearbra on our 2107 BMW X3. When we arrived for our appointment, three guys were there to inspect and write up the order and we were on our way. These guys love what they do and it shows in their work. Prices are beyond fair for the quality of their work.

    We recommend Ghost Shield with 100% confidence. And, judging by the high dollar cars sitting in their bay getting worked on, so do a lot of other people.

    Shurie F.
  • Fantastic job on my new Tesla. They came to the house and wrapped the whole car. I’ve got a friend who has a Porsche SUV that Ghost Shield wrapped 3 years ago that looks new.

    Best of all you don’t need to get it to the car wash, just use detail spray and chamois cloths in the garage and wipe off any dust. Then once in awhile just take your car to a drive through car wash to get the wheels and car rinsed off.

    K A.
  • What can I say about this product and these people? With the utmost quality and professionalism, they wrapped the front of my car and had it done on time like they promised and even gave me a lift home while they were working on the car. Being the owner of several black cars through the years I know the challenges of keeping it clean. Typically, it needs a wash by the time you get home from the car wash, but not after the application of the premium package. The car still looks fabulous at the end of the week. Which is unheard of with a black car. I figure it will pay for itself just in the savings at the car wash. Thanks again.

    Jason J.
  • Like most people who own sports (or sporty) cars, I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to my Porsche 911S Cabriolet.

    About two years ago I brought the car to the folks at Ghost Shield and had the entire front end, from the windshield forward, covered with their preferred paint protection film. They did a terrific job.

    However, a few months ago I began to notice a very strange deterioration in the film. It looked almost as though the adhesive was breaking down under the top layer of film. In the sun, it looked like the front end had been sandblasted.

    I brought the car back to Ghost Shield. They had a look, then contacted their film supplier. The result: They agreed to replace the entire film at no cost to me under warranty.

    When the appointment day arrived, I brought the car to them and they gave me a ride home (30 miles). At the end of the day, they delivered the car to my door. Not only had they done a superb job, but their standard of customer service was outstanding.

    Kudos to Garrett, the owner; Tyler, the shop manager and resident expert; and Matt, who did much of the work involved in removing the old film and installing the new stuff. And let’s not forget Melissa, who set the appointment and answered any questions I had.

    If you care enough about your car to want to protect it, these are the folks who can really do the job.

    Philip P.
  • Garret and Tyler performed a complete wrap of my Tesla Model S. Not too long thereafter, a car grazed the front left fender and left large black marks, scuffs and damage. I took the car to the Tesla approved body shop and after their inspection, we were amazed to find the Ghost Shield completely protected the fender. I returned to Ghost Shield and they installed a new section on the fender and the car looks like new. The alternative would have been thousands of dollars in damage to the bumper. With Ghost Shield, it was a quick and easy repair to return to new condition. Also, the Tesla body shop was quite impressed with the Ghost Shield installation and workmanship. At first, they didn’t think it was a complete wrap and had to carefully look to confirm. They commented among the other Tesla’s they’ve seen, the Ghost Shield was excellent workmanship.

    Thanks guys for your typical exceptional workmanship and protection. I’m amazed the Ghost Shield Film protected the fender so well and saved a lot of money from removal and repainting the bumper. I would recommend Ghost Shield without any hesitation, both for competitive pricing and exceptional workmanship, as well as my follow-up bumper replacement.

    J A.
  • You see the pictures, yes it is true. They do extremely high end vehicles at Ghost Shield, there was a 1 of 1 Nissian Nismo GTR there when I arrived.
    I took my matte black 2015 Harley there for a wrap. I needed it before a ride to Reno. Matte black cannot be touched up so you have to live with the chips. It has to be protected without changing the matte black finish.
    They did an incredible job while I waited. I could not tell the difference between the wrapped and unwrapped parts of the bike.
    Best accessory I purchased for her!
    Thanks guys.

    Michael A.
  • Perfect job on my 1995 993 Porsche 911… I can’t even see the wrap on my car. I had the entire front wrapped including headlights, the mirrors, door handle wells and rear fender protectors. I am delighted with the workmanship. Garrett and his team are delightful to work with and very accommodating of all my special requests.

    Doreen P.
  • When I bought my new car from the Honda dealer in Oxnard, they had Ghost Shield installed on it and I love it. It has protected my car from really bad scratches and I recommend it highly. I have to call them now and have it reinstalled because I have hit a metal object in the roadway and it struck my front bumper and under my car.

    Jennifer F.
  • Love Ghost Shield on my car again. I am talking with them about putting it on my back bumper too. They do an amazing job and it helps protect from minor scratches.

    Jennifer F.
  • Garret and his associates do fine work. So glad I protected my 2015 Corvette Z06 Track pack with a Full Protection Wrap. With the sticky tires throwing rocks my paint would be destroyed by now. If anybody values their paint and wants it to stay new for a long time, this is the place to go. When I saw all the high end cars like Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes and many more, I know I made the right choice to come to Ghost Shield. They are very detail orientated, have a clean shop and stand by their work. Thanks guys.

    Derek C.
  • I had a full wrap done on my Lexus RCF. They worked on my car for two ten hour days and I chose to stay there even after their offer to drive me 40 min from their shop to home rather then me have to hang around. This is the first Yelp review I’ve ever written… I felt compelled, first, to thank the entire team at Ghost Shield for the outstanding job they did on my car. It was pretty obvious watching them work that they didn’t just wrap my car, they took huge pride in the work they did, cutting zero corners. My car had just 600 miles on it and it looked 100x better than it did when I purchased it off the showroom floor. Lexus would do well to allow Ghost Shield to work their magic on their cars as an option for car buyers. There isn’t a car on their lot that looks better then mine. Secondly, everyone there was a blast to be around. These are some really terrific people… Thanks again to all of you… It’s not often you pay money for something that ends up being worth twice as much to you as the amount of money you paid. This was without a doubt one of the best retail experience I have ever had… I might even go back and buy em all lunch… Thanks fellas… and Melissa

    Skip G.
  • I went to Ghost Shield for a bumper wrap after a strong recommendation by Mitch at Eco-shine. Matt at Ghost Shield did a perfect job. A couple days later, while backing out of a driveway, I badly scraped the front right fender and bumper by turning into a freshly-trimmed hedge. The fender was not protected by film. The scratches that happened on the unprotected fender were deep in the paint, and stayed.

    Supposedly most scratches in the SunTek will come out with heat due to “self healing.” Keeping my hand on the bumper to prevent any overheating, I used a hair dryer for less than a minute. As advertised, the bumper scratches all came out! I can’t see or feel any imperfections. Wow! Paid for itself in the first week.

    Doug S.
  • I was looking for a business that installs clear bras for my wife’s new car. I called several places for over a week and I must say, Garrett was the most professional, easy-going person who answered all of my questions and even provided feedback and suggestions based on the type of installation I wanted. The price was fair and I had my wife drive to Ghost Shield to have the clear bra installed. When I got home that day, she was ecstatic with the look, as we both saw so many horror stories of other companies performing bad installations.

    Last week there was some gunk that we couldn’t get off the front of the car where the clear bra was installed. We weren’t sure what it was or how to get it off. My wife decided to call Garrett and he asked that we bring it over for him to take a look at it. He even dropped me off/picked me up from work promptly. When I returned, I was obviously pleased with the outcome. The car and the job looks perfect. I actually mean PERFECT.

    I will be getting a new car; maybe at the end of the year. When I do, the first accessory I’m installing it will be a clear bra via Ghost Shield. The service is that good. There is no hesitation on my part to recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a true professional.

    Shaun K.
  • Not only do these guys perform flawless work, their customer service is right over the top. I took my wife’s Benz to Ghost Shield to get the front end, hood, fenders, the doors & back of rear wheels (where rocks kick up/pepper car over time) covered in Ghost Shield Film. I spent a good couple hours just taking my time and pushing what little moisture there was out of the material and observing their work. I must say, I’m impressed. Also the staff is top notch. Everyone is polite and professional. They were cool enough to let me revise their waiting area for several hours while waiting for my car to be done. I was able to bust out a bunch of paper work while setting up my little office. Anyhow, if you are considering this service these are the guys to go to. I drove all the way over from the San Gabriel Valley just because one of my friends who is super picky said that these are the guys to go with, and I would have to agree.

    BIG D M.
  • Andy did a perfect job installing a standard kit and custom bumper protection on my new (to me) 2010 Subaru. It made the paint look impeccable. No scratches or swirl marks anymore and it now looks brand new!
    The day after instillation I backed my car into a brick wall and my paint was completely protected by the film. There were some scratches in the film that “self healed” and went away after being in the sun.
    I rate these guys a 12/10. They were very professional and answered all of my questions. Also they provided me with top notch paint protection for my car. I will be a returning customer with my future cars!

    Carly M.
  • Ghost Shield did a great job on my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude Edition. I selected the premium package and the install is excellent! The Staff was professional and I highly recommend Ghost Shield.

    Michael H.
  • If you need to protect the paint on your car… Ghost Shield is the place to go!!! I had my 2013 Subaru BRZ done a few years ago and now I have a 2015 Subaru WRX STI. Garrett and his crew are awesome!!! Very knowledgeable and does a very great job with installing the clear paint protection film. I would definitely recommend Ghost Shield to anyone!!! A+++++++

    John B.
  • I just had Ghost Shield install a clear bra on the whole front end (including side view mirrors) on my new Lexus IS 350 F Sport. I am very happy with the work that was done. You wouldn’t know it was protected unless I told you, and then you still might not believe it. This car has all kinds of crazy curves and crevices on the front and they covered them all perfectly. Tyler and the guys did a superb job.

    I would not hesitate sending my friends and family to these guys. I did a lot of research on installers here in town as well as in the valley. The choice was pretty clear after my research. So happy to have found these guys right here in Newbury Park.

    Mark P.
  • Garrett, Tyler, and their crew did an amazing job on my ’13 platinum Toyota Tundra. As with all the other reviews, the install and product is top notch (SunTek & XPel). Garrett maximized value where he could, making his price the best in a 6 hr radius. He quickly returned phone calls and delivered everything as promised.

    Most notable is the customer service AFTER the install. I went back a second time for additional work I was so pleased with their workmanship. Tyler is top notch and really knows his stuff. Don’t hesitate to give these guys your business!

    Jason Y.
  • I had a clear bra installed on my 2014 Corvette. Tyler and the team are very professional from when I walked in the door till I left with my vehicle.

    Tyler went thru each step of the process with me when I dropped it off and went over the completed installation when I picked it up. He went over care of the bra and if I ever had any issues he would be more than happy to stop by my house to have a look.

    I am extremely pleased with the installation and quality of the clear bra. I have heard plenty of horror stories about locations that do sub standard installations.

    I would highly recommend Ghost Shield for your clear bra.

    Mark M.
  • I just had these guys do a complete wrap on my brand new Tesla. The car looks fantastic- I cant even tell there is anything on there. Tyler did a wonderful job. I wouldn’t trust my 140K dollar car to just any shop. I will definitely go to Ghost Shield for my other cars and will refer them to all my friends. Very professional and friendly. Keep up the great work guys.

    Reza R.
  • I had Garret provide paint protection on my Tesla S. He did a fantastic job!! The Tesla has some complicated curves and bits and pieces to be protected. It has been one year and the work is holding up as well as it did when first applied. Garret’s shop is immaculate and he is a perfectionist about his work. A++ Recommended!

    Gene R.
  • I called looking for same day job as a rush for our customer and Tyler made it happen! It looks great and we will be using them again in the future. Very clean and our customers will appreciate their quality and price. Virgil’s Auto Body, since 1980

    Elliot M.
  • I’ve had my car wrapped and re-wrapped because of a few accidents that have occurred to my vehicle. Garrett, Kyle & his staff have been fantastic in making sure all the needs of my vehicle were taken care of.

    Highly recommended! Love the wrap on my entire hood, front bumper, side panels, mirrors, and spoiler.

    Julio L.
  • Ghost Shield installed a premium package SunTek Clear Bra on my GTR, new Nissan Pathfinder, and Porsche Cayman. The installs are all top notch. No stretch marks. I couldn’t be happier. This is the best install I have ever seen. It is completely invisible. It’s hard to show to my friends because they can’t see it. Since I had so many cars done, I opted for their mobile service. They arrived EARLY and went right to work. In less than ideal conditions in my garage, they managed to do a flawless install. I give them my highest recommendation. If you have a high end or new car Ghost Shield should be your first call. Tyler and his crew are the real deal. A+++

    Adam U.
  • I had my ’05 911 Carerra S at Ghost Shield today. Garret was very responsive to my needs and very accommodating to my time constraints. Tyler was all prepared for the job and was extremely personable and did one heck of a job replacing some old Clear(yellow) Bra parts. I would highly recommend Ghost Shield for all of your auto protection finish needs.

    Gary F.
  • I had these guys put the basic clear bra package on 2 of my cars. It is flawless. They do a great job and are super easy to work with. Both of the cars they worked on of mine are black, which are the most difficult. As you may know, you can see every little speck of dirt, nick, ding and flaw. This is where the difference in Ghost Shield comes in. The installer has to be highly skilled as I recently learned. I moved out of the LA area and bought a new car. I had the dealer outsource the clear bra to a local installer, not Ghost Shield. To make this brief, the installer was so bad they had to redo the car twice. And after the 2nd reapply I discovered cut marks in the paint from a razor blade. Lexus picked up my car and filed a claim against their installer. They had to replace the bumper and side mirrors due to damage. Lexus kept the car until the bodywork was complete and outsourced the clear bra to another installer who did another horrible job. I now know first hand Ghost Shield is hands down the best in the biz. Highly recommended. A++++ Please expand down to Orange County!!!

    Max C.
  • Wow! I just stopped by the Ghost Shield shop (at the top street of the Newbury Business Park) and Garrett and staff had recently finished wrapping a custom Ford truck and they did an amazing job on it! I had my Audi S5 wrapped somewhere else and it was a good job, but I know where I will take it [or any other car] next time. Thanks for helping me with some test-scraps for my new mountain bike Garrett, I know you guys can do bikes as well, I’m going to give-it-a-go myself first. I’m also looking forward to seeing how well this new shield product holds up under the extreme conditions of mountain biking. From what I saw at the shop – A++ recommendation!

    Steve H.
  • I just purchased a new Corvette and met another new Corvette owner who told me about a paint protection product from a company called Ghost Shield, and the great service he received from them. I met with Garret and reviewed his services. He was very up front with the best areas on my car for paint protection. After having the product installed, I see that Garret and his crew did an amazing job, they are true perfectionist. I am so pleased with the installation, how it works and looks. I highly recommend them and will never have another car go without paint protection from Ghost Shield.

    Randy P.

This Is My First Electric Car And 5Th Car Here

So please. They said 1.5 weeks but they squeezed me in appointment, I came next day, work was fast, and fantastic, great job this is my first electric car and 5th car here in the last six or seven years. This was for my Ford mustang Mach e, all electric. I highly recommend this company. Come see destinee at the front.

Danny Kaye

Professional And Provided Great Service

They were extremely helpful, friendly, professional and provided great service.

Philip Capritto

Great Communication & Their Work Was Flawless

So happy with my experience with Ghost Shield! So easy to work with, great communication & their work was flawless. I didn’t think I could fall in love with my car a second time.

Michelle Pedraza

They Were Professional, Friendly, Patient And Empathetic

The team at Ghost Shield is exceptional. They wrapped my Tesla last year, tinted the windows, and dipped by emblems all to exacting detail! This year, after a person side-swiped the car, they worked with me to restore it to it’s original perfect state. The best part of working with Destiny and the installers was that they were professional, friendly, patient and empathetic. Communication was easy and great and the process was thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend this company and am grateful for their service and expertise!

Rob Wolken

By Far The Best Experience And They Did A FANTASTIC Job!

We drove from Bakersfield to Thousand Oaks for this paint protection!! Recommended by a friend! It was by far the best experience and they did a FANTASTIC job! Customer service was amazing! I would def recommend them for any of your auto needs or concerns!

Patricia Ruiz

All I Can Say Is Garrett, Destiny And The Awesome Team They Have Are Top Notch

I’ve used Ghost Shield two times, once on my Airstream Interstate and the second time on my BMW motorcycle, all I can say is Garrett, Destiny and the awesome team they have are Top Notch. They do great work, on time and are perfectionists. They do that with a smile and great hospitality. Thank you guys, keep up the good work..

Zaid Awni

Based on other reviews, I’m sure it will last for at least 10 years.

Standard Clear Bra Wrap. Very clean shop and everyone is always very professional. We added window tint to two other cars years ago and had the same positive experience. We just purchased a new vehicle and immediately thought to install the Standard Clear Bra Wrap. Based on other reviews, I’m sure it will last for at least 10 years.

Bob Bushey

Super Friendly Service And A Great Price For The Quality Work

Same-day service for getting a ceramic window tint on five windows. Super friendly service and a great price for the quality work. I would highly recommend.

Jim Sawk

Down To Earth & Masters Of There Craft

If you want the Best Work done at the Best price Garrett & his crew at Ghost Shield are professional , down to earth & masters of there craft. They did an outstanding job wrapping the clear bra over my entire car & ceramic coating the whole car inside and out. Now my Tesla Plaid will look new for ever.

Wadia Dafesh

Garret And His Team Rock.

I have used ghost shield numerous times for the services they offer. Garret and his team rock. They are the best in town for all the services they offer. We have used them for wheel detailing, window tinting and clear bra services. I wouldn’t use anyone else. Their workmanship is exceptional

Frank W

Excellent Work On My Tesla

Great customer service and excellent work on my Tesla. They have knowledge and expertise in Teslas and paint. Next time around window tinting.

Kathy Wise

Nicest And Most Professional Group

I have owned many vehicles in my 72 years of life. I have also had every vehicle I owned had it's windows tinted. The people and MGT. At Ghost Shield are some of the nicest and most professional group I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They helped me with a pickup and a return pickup when I couldn't procure a ride from a friend or family member. First I had the side windows and the rear windows tinted with the Ceramic window shield. Let me tell you it really does keep out 99% of the UV rays and heat from the Sun. After a couple of months I decided to find out if they could tint my front windshield with just a plain tint no real darkness. I just wanted to block out the Sun! Wow what a great move on my part. Now I don't even need to put in my window shade because the Ceramic tint really does block out all the UV Rays and Heat from the Sun. So if your looking to improve the quality of your car and keep the Sun out from damaging your interior go to Ghost Shield and get your windows tinted with Ceramic.

Gary Klimmer

Excellent Workmanship by Nelson and Fidel!

Xpel XR Plus Prime was Used to Tint all the Windows… Excellent Workmanship by Nelson and Fidel! Destinee was Effervescent as Front Desk Representative!!!!! Sleeping Man Mountain Forever!!! Cheers, Jim

Harvey Snowleopard

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