2017 Ford Escape to Offer Windshield Wiper De-icer

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Ford has released a new video showing off a new feature on the 2017 Ford Escape that will be sure to make those living in cold climates lives easier. A windshield wiper deicer. The technology features a small heating element that keeps the vital items from freezing to the windshield or from becoming iced over.

The element will also help to prevent the wiper from forming streaks across the windshield. The feature is part of the “Cold Weather Package” and will come standard on the titanium models, and as an option on the SE models. Other features in the package are all-weather floor mats, heated seats, heated side-mirrors, and a supplemental powertrain conditioning heater.

Ford claims that the deicer will work in under 10 minutes at 18 degrees below zero. The system can be activated through Ford’s smartphone app, “FordPass”, with users being able to set a timer so that the car will always be ready at a certain time.

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