6 Things to Check When Choosing a Detailer

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Choosing someone to professionally detail your vehicle is a important decision. It’s important to protect your investment and keep it looking its best. Poor detailing can do more harm than good, meaning more money and time to correct a bad detailing.


Everyone has to start somewhere, but be wary of a detailier without a professional location. A detailier’s shop should be clean, organized, and well lit. If using a mobile detailer they should appear professional, especially when showing up to your home of business.

A detailer shouldn’t hesitate to if you want to know what products and tools they use, or to answer any questions you might have. Social media is a great way to look at examples of previous work.

2. Time Commitment

If there is one technician working on a vehicle, even a standard detail that includes the interior and exterior can take from 4-5 hours. You’re not getting the same quality of work from a shop or detailer who says they can get it done in an hour.

3. Tools

A professional should be able to answer product questions and have professional grade materials. Not all products are created equal. A professional should know how to use each product, and what product(s) to use for specific issues.

For example, how to properly remove certain contaminants, like pollen or iron, from the paint safely.

4. Customer Satisfaction

A good shop will stand behind their work. There are some processes that simply cannot be guaranteed. No professional will guarantee that they’ll be able to fix imperfections without seeing your vehicle in person.

Some scratches can be corrected, while others will be too deep into the paint to fix with detailing alone.

5. Cost

A price that is significantly lower than other detailers in the area is often a reflection of the quality of work you’re going to get. Cost is often a reflection of the quality of work you’re going to receive, you don’t want the cheapest around but you also don’t necessarily need to go to the most expensive either.

Polishing is a very time consuming process. Another thing you should expect is a request to see the vehicle before finalizing the quote. Detailers need to see the vehicle in person and in the right light to assess if your vehicle has any unique issues that may require more time or tools.

6. Reviews

Reviews can be helpful in seeing past customer experiences. Pay attention to the reviews as well, are they new accounts or old accounts? How is the grammar and spelling? Many newer businesses will buy fake reviews from foreign reviewers, padding their ratings.

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