How Paint Protection Film Works

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Is it Really Self-Healing?

Often one of the main selling points of paint protection film is companies saying that it is “self-healing”, which for many sounds like a scientific wonder that was recently discovered. So what is self-healing paint protection film?

Well, it is a film that when applied over the surface of your vehicle’s painted exterior, provides a sacrificial barrier between the car’s paint and external debris or contaminants. Once applied the film is virtually invisible and unless someone gets really close and knows what they are looking for, they won’t be able to tell that the film is there.

The film features a clear coat layer, which allows for some rearrangement of the surface particles that when heated goes back. So scratches are really just displacement of the surface particles of the film that can go back to their original spot when heated.

To heat the film you could use simple everyday options like a hair dryer, sitting the car out in the sun, or even pouring hot water over the spot to activate the “self-healing” functionality of the film.

How Else Does Paint Protection Film Help?

Another layer of the film, the polyurethane layer, allows for the dispersion of energy across a wider surface area and effectively helps to keep the film (and really your car’s paint) from getting torn (or chipped). It is the dispersion of energy in this layer of the film that lends paint protection film its durability against road debris hits, reducing the likelihood of paint damage.

And because it is a porous material this layer of the film is then covered by the clear coat layer to prevent discoloration or etching. So with these two layers combined, you get the two best main benefits of the paint protection film. Impact protection from debris and a self-healing top coat to protect against swirls/light scratches to the surface.

So is Paint Protection Film Removable?

Yes, paint protection film is removable. Even if the film has been damaged in an accident or from road debris. The acrylic adhesive layer of the film has a stronger bond to the polyurethane layer of film than it does to the vehicle’s paint. Usually during removals installers will heat the film to soften the adhesive to make the removal process easier. And it is recommended that a professional installer remove the film from any vehicle to avoid causing any damage to the factory paint from improper removals.

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