Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coat? How to protect your Tesla Model Y

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Why you should protect your Tesla Model Y

It’s widely known that Tesla paint is not the best. It tends to be very soft and thin, and prone to scratches and chips, etching, and UV damage. Taking steps to protect your new Tesla Model Y is extremely important to preserve the look and finish of the vehicle for as long as possible. Since Tesla’s already have thin paint, every time the car is polished it is wearing the factory clear coat even thinner, increasing the risk of failure, and ultimately it flaking off.

Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film, also known as PPF or clear bra, is a flexible but durable polyurethane film that is applied to the painted surfaces of the vehicle.  We use the Xpel Ultimate Plus line of ppf, which has a 10-year warranty against cracking, peeling, fading, and yellowing in addition to the long warranty, the ppf also has self-healing properties to remove swirl marks from the film’s surface.

Clear bra protects your Tesla from rock chips and other impact-related damage that can occur with everyday driving. Making it the ultimate way of protecting your Tesla Model Y’s paint. If you’re a commuter doing a lot of driving, live in an area where a lot of construction is going on or there is a lot of debris in the roads, you care about not getting rock chips, your vehicle maintaining its look and finish matters, or you want to keep the paint in good condition for when you plan to sell it, then paint protection film is the right option.

There are generally two finish options when it comes to clear bra, satin and gloss. The gloss clear bra will not affect the look of the Tesla Model Y. Satin clear bra will turn the color of the vehicle to a satin, or semi-gloss, finish. So if the Model Y is a gloss pearl white, then wrapping it in a satin clear bra will make it satin pearl white.


  • protects against light scratches and scuffs
  • protects against the majority of paint chips from road debris
  • can save you from costly paint repairs
  • protects against UV damage and oxidation
  • protects the surface of the vehicle from chemical etching
  • hydrophobic top coat offers easier cleaning


  • can be an expensive option
  • if removed incorrectly it can peel paint off the vehicle
  • depending on how much of the car is getting ppf it can require days of installation time

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Adams Gold Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating utilizes nanotechnology to provide a completely invisible layer of protection. Nanoparticles, when applied to the surface, seal all the pores in the clear coat making the surface stronger, hydrophobic, and UV resistant. All while making the surface more resistant to swirl marks, etching, and water spots.

The nano-coating forms a semi-permanent bond with the surface of your Tesla Model Y, resulting in a “sacrificial” layer over the factory paint. So if the car does need some kind of paint correction you would be working on the ceramic coating and not your vehicle’s clear coat. Ceramic coating provides protection from contaminants as well as providing a deeply shiny, and glossy finish to your vehicle by bonding to the clear. These products are called permanent because they can be removed only through polishing or lack of maintenance.


  • scratch resistant
  • super hydrophobic
  • UV protection
  • Oxidation and Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Super high gloss finish
  • No need to wax


  • application requires 2 days minimum for all installations
  • can still pit and etch
  • lasts 3-4 years before needing reapplication

Learn more about the Benefits of Ceramic Coat here!

Final Thoughts

A popular option is having paint protection film on the high-impact front areas of your Tesla Model Y and then doing ceramic coating on the vehicle to still protect the back areas as well. In addition, this combo makes cleaning the car a breeze and adds an insane amount of shine to the paint.

If you plan on keeping your Model Y for 5 years or more, and do a lot of driving, then doing the full car with paint protection film will offer the best and longest-lasting protection. It is usually our recommendation for those who plan on keeping their vehicle for years to come and want to preserve the factory finish of the paint.

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