Paint Protection Film Preserves Your Car’s Value

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Paint protection film is one of the best investments you can make if you want your vehicle to retain its fresh from the factory finish for years to come.

Whether you have a classic, antique car or a rugged SUV for off-roading, paint protection film will help protect your cars paint from road debris, bug staining, bird droppings, and UV damage. You can keep your car looking beautiful with the help of this resilient, long-lasting product.

Environmental Factors Can Damage Your Car’s Finish


The environment is working against you when it comes to protecting your car’s  paint job. The sun’s UV rays can cause the paint to yellow and fade. Decreasing the trade-in or resale value of your vehicle.

And driving in a wintry climate causes damage too – road salt is corrosive to paint and metal. Affecting the front end of your vehicle when it’s kicked up from the road.

Other acidic substances such as bird droppings and tree sap also can hurt your vehicle’s finish.

The roads and highways are littered with debris that can be thrown up from other vehicles, or even your own vehicle, and cause chips in the paint of your vehicle.

Year round, your car’s paint protects the underlying metal from rust. How can you give your finish an extra layer of protection? Paint protection film, also known as a clear bra.

How Does The Paint Condition Affect Resale Value?


Used vehicles are usually graded by appraisers on a four-point scale, with cars graded as either Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor condition. Just one or two small dents, dings, paint scratches or chips can be the difference between a “Fair” or even a “Good” or a “Poor” rating. Buyers look at swirled and scratched paint with prejudice. Same goes if the front end of the vehicle has rock chips and bug staining.

Visually, if the car appears to be dinged up, rusty, scratched, worn out and rough, it will suffer from a poor resale value. Dropping your resale value by a few hundred to a grand, and weakening your selling power.

Buyers want original paint, and as close to perfect condition as possible. If you protect your vehicle’s paint, and keep it as close to “just off the showroom floor” as possible this gives you a selling advantage. With buyers who would be willing to pay a premium if said vehicle had good quality original paint.

How Does Paint Protection Film (aka Clear Bra) Work?


Professional technicians measure and fit your car’s most vulnerable painted areas with this clear film that’s practically invisible when installed correctly. Using either computer cut templates or doing a custom installation by hand to insure the best fit and nearly invisible installation possible.

Clear bra is a multi-layer film with a acrylic top coat that protects the car’s paint from staining, yellowing, rock chips, small scratches and abrasions. The top coat on the film offer the added benefit of “self-healing”, so swirl marks on the film will disappear when the car is set out in the sun and warmed.

Some common parts that benefit the most from this protective coating are the hood, bumpers, fenders, doors and grilles.

When you get clear bra film applied, you don’t have to change the way you care for your car either. You can still wash it as you normally do, and you get the same sparkling shine. In fact, PPF usually makes cleaning easier.

Depending on the product you choose and the environmental exposure your car sees, PPF can last five years or longer. The specific manufacturer’s warranty spells out the details. Many technicians offer a guarantee on their work too for as long as you own the vehicle.

It is recommended that you trust a trained professional to achieve the best installation possible. Your car’s appearance and the integrity of its paint job is at stake.

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