Porsche introduces new programs for short-term rentals

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Porsche is introducing two new pilot programs to follow up Porsche Passport, the subscription service announced a year ago. Passport was launched with a fairly simple plan: For $2,000 a month Atlanta-based customers can access eight different Porsche cars depending on needs; for $3,000 the choice widened to 22 cars. Passport cars are available monthly.

Now, there are two new programs called Porsche Drive and Porsche Host.

The first plan, also available only in Atlanta, ranges from mere hours behind the wheel of a Porsche, to a day or a week. Cars are delivered concierge-style anywhere in Metro Atlanta, on demand, and they can be booked online or by phone, with Clutch Technologies providing the tech and customer care.

All six Porsche model lines are available, and pricing ranges from $269 (excluding taxes and fees) for four hours with a Macan or a 718 Cayman or Boxster, to $2909 for a week’s use of a 911.

With certain terms a base 718 Cayman can be leased for less than $700 a month and a base 911 for a little more than $1,100 – but if you only need a Porsche for hours or days, with as little commitment as a regular rental, Porsche Drive’s pricing makes sense.

The other program, Porsche Host, is a collaboration with the car-sharing provider Turo, and unlike the Atlanta-based programs, Porsche Host is only available on the West Coast. Porsche Host means that there are special Porsche-approved and trained Turo hosts in Los Angeles and San Francisco, the cars are owned by the hosts, and they can be booked using the Turo app or website, for a day, a week, a month or longer. The program launches Oct. 8.



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