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Surface Rust on Cybertruck?

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Surface Rust on Cybertruck? 

As the Cybertruck narrative unfolds, an unexpected twist has been introduced: surface rust on Cybertruck issues reported by owners. Despite promises of durability, concerns have arisen as orange rust marks are observed shortly after exposure to rain. This blog delves into the surfaced reports of rust issues on Tesla’s Cybertruck. Examining potential causes, environmental influences, and the resulting impact on the vehicle’s aesthetics and resale value. Let’s delve into the underlying causes of this phenomenon and consider the implications for the Cybertruck community.

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Exploring the Surface Rust Issue: 

While stainless steel boasts corrosion resistance, not all types are equal. The Cybertruck’s chosen proprietary stainless steel may face challenges, especially if reactions occur beneath. “The Cybertruck’s exterior is susceptible to corrosion”, as acknowledged in the Tesla Cybertruck manual. “Once the oxide barrier is compromised, corrosion initiates.” 

In a recent Waveform Podcast clip; Marques, Andrew, and David discuss reports of rust spots on the Cybertruck, emphasizing the importance of proactive measures to preserve its pristine condition. The easiest solution? WRAP IT!  Watch the discussion here:

Environmental Influence:

The current challenge facing the Cybertruck goes beyond mere rain-induced rust; it grapples with various environmental factors such as coastal humidity, winter conditions, urban pollutants, severe weather events, contaminants, and geographic location. In simpler terms, rain triggers rust, coastal areas including various parts of California, introduce challenges due to humidity and salt, winter conditions worsen with road salt, urban settings introduce more pollutants, severe weather accelerates rust, and different regions pose unique challenges.

Watch: Rail dust is a real thing!

Although surface rust affects the Cybertruck’s appearance, routine cleaning and protective coatings are pivotal in maintaining its structural integrity over time. Even with high-quality stainless steel, susceptibility to corrosion in hostile conditions raises concerns. Stainless steel also stains. “Stainless” does not mean “never stains,” just that it stains less than other steels. The real question at hand is whether the Cybertruck, priced at $100k and designed for robust use, will endure without intensive care like wrapping or frequent buffing. The hope is that its appearance remains satisfactory with regular washing, despite the real challenges posed, including the existence of rail dust.

Assessing the Significance of Surface Rust on Cybertruck:

Surface rust, recognized as cosmetic or superficial rust, takes on varying significance when evaluating its impact on the Cybertruck. In the realm of aesthetics, where visual appeal holds substantial importance, even minor rust spots can be a noteworthy concern for vehicle owners. Crucially, surface rust on the Cybertruck typically does not compromise its structural integrity, as it remains a primarily cosmetic issue without direct implications for safety or performance.

However, considering the significance of surface rust for resale value, prospective buyers may be deterred by visible rust, potentially affecting the Cybertruck’s market depreciation. Proactive measures, such as regular cleaning and the application of protective coatings, play a pivotal role in mitigating the impact of surface rust. While surface rust may not directly jeopardize the Cybertruck’s long-term durability, addressing it promptly is essential to prevent further deterioration and maintain the vehicle’s overall condition. Moreover, in the context of brand image, how Tesla addresses and communicates measures to combat surface rust can influence consumer perception.


A Glimpse into Prevention

While surface rust may tarnish the Cybertruck’s appearance, Ghost Shield assures the preservation of aesthetics and long-term durability. Specializing in high-quality protection, Ghost Shield Film ensures that the Cybertruck not only looks stunning but also remains shielded from the rigors of the road. By addressing it promptly is essential to prevent further deterioration and maintain the Cybertruck’s aesthetic appeal. An advanced protective coating, tailored for the Cybertruck’s stainless steel, becomes an invisible shield against corrosive substances, moisture, and contaminants. Tesla’s owner’s manual emphasizes immediate action against corrosive substances. Ghost Shield aligns by offering a proactive solution, addressing issues and preventing them.

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In different situations, “corrosion resistance” means different things. For Cybertrucks, it’s crucial for maintaining structural strength and preventing rust holes or lost pieces in its stainless body panels, even though regular steel is also present. Maintaining a consistently shiny appearance poses a distinct challenge, separate from its corrosion-resistant qualities. Amidst these challenges, Ghost Shield Film, a leading installer of Paint Protection Film (PPF), offers steadfast solutions.

The significance of surface rust on the Cybertruck is also influenced by environmental factors, with regions experiencing harsh weather or high humidity potentially amplifying its impact.Tesla Cybertruck owners now have the option to enhance protection for their vehicles by choosing wraps from Ghost Shield, including Satin PPF (Clear Bra) and Vinyl Wraps. This choice provides an added layer of defense, addressing concerns that some owners have expressed about the appearance of “rust” on their pickups’ stainless steel body panels.

In conclusion, understanding the multifaceted significance of surface rust on the Cybertruck involves balancing aesthetic concerns, resale considerations, preventive measures, and the vehicle’s operating environment. Entrusting the vehicle’s longevity to Ghost Shield becomes an investment in the future, unveiling the true potential of the Cybertruck. With a 10-year warranty on film and a LIFETIME Warranty on Model Y Clear Bra. The evolution of protection is now in your hands.

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