Tesla Model Y Production Set to Begin 2020- How to Protect Your Paint When You Get One

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People have started spotting Model Y’s being road tested out in the wild. A good sign that Tesla is gearing up to start production on the Model Y in the coming months. Allegedly consumers will start receiving their orders in the summer of 2020.

Having worked on hundreds of Tesla’s over years, from the original Roadster to the latest Model 3’s we’re experts in what these cars need to keep them looking brand new for years to come.

Paint Protection Film

When the Model Y first becomes available many of the new owners will be planning on keeping this vehicle for years to come as Tesla does not offer leases until much later in production. So new owners will want to not only protect the paint but also maintain the resale value of the vehicle.

Tesla is infamous for its soft and easily chippable paint. This is because the paint they use is water-based. In California what kinds of chemicals can be in automotive paint is very strict. Water-based paint requires fewer layers and thinner layers, making it softer and easier to chip through to the metal or plastic below.

Many of our Model 3 owners have opted to do the full vehicle. Paint protection film offers the best protection available and is the longest-lasting paint protection available. It is the only product on the market that can offer protection from rock chips, road debris, swirls, staining, and etching. If you plan on keeping the vehicle for years to come it is the best way to maintain that factory finish. It also helps make washing the vehicle easier with its hydrophobic topcoat.

If you don’t want to spend the money to do a full car wrap then wrapping the high impact areas of the vehicle, like the front bumper, and the front portion of the hood and fenders is highly recommended as the minimum amount that should be wrapped. These areas see the most damage from road debris. The rear cargo entry is another area we highly recommend protecting.

We also recommend wrapping the interior piano black pieces with paint protection film as well. These areas are highly susceptible to micro-scratches and fingerprints. Paint protection film over them offers protection and ease of maintenance in keeping them clean.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are a great way to add shine and hydrophobic qualities to the finish of any Tesla. The coating is about 10x harder than a regular automotive clear coat. While it will still swirl, chip or etch, it does offer an additional layer of protection and is stronger to resist these issues than an automotive clear coat is. When corrected you’re not removing your Tesla’s clear coat, but rather the ceramic coating.

It helps to offer UV protection as well. An important benefit to a vehicle with already thin paint. Over the years the paint will become faded and damaged from the sun and elements. Ceramic coatings prevent this and protect the paint from damage.

Another benefit to the ceramic coatings is ease of maintenance. The hydrophobic qualities of the coating make washing easier. It also helps dust to be blown off as well. Mud and other elements also bead off the vehicle as well.


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