The New Tesla Model S – Customizations and Protections

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The New Tesla Model S

With the new Model S’s now hitting the roads the race is on to find a way to stand out from the crowd and/or protect your investment. The new models come with gloss black trim pieces, except for the emblems, so there no more need for chrome deletes! But there are still plenty of options available to making your Tesla stand out, and to protect the paint.

Custom Paint Work

If you wanted to add a subtle pop of color to your new Model S you can paint the calipers and the emblems. The emblems are the only chrome trim pieces left on the new Model S, everything now comes gloss black. And are easily removed and reinstalled after painting.

Custom Paint Work

Painting the calipers is a bit more of an involved process. The vehicle needs to be properly prepped to prevent overspray, and then multiple paint layers and a clear coat overlaid to protect it from brake dust and environmental elements. This is usually a couple days process to prep and then finish the process.

Custom Paint


Powder-coating the Wheels

Powder-coating the Wheels

Powder coating has the ability to color match to just about any color. Allowing you to change the color of the wheels. Color matching them to the vehicle’s paint color, or turning them to black. It’s a way to add a subtle difference to the vehicle.


Wrapping the Wood Trim

Wrapping the Wood Trim

There is quite a bit of wood trim on the interior of the new Model S. Much like on other Tesla models it is possible to wrap these trim pieces. Textured films are often the best option for being able to wrap them all the same as the wood grain can show through on gloss, satin, and matte options unless they can be removed and sprayed with a primer before wrapping.

Therefore we often encourage those who want to do this to pick a textured vinyl film to hide the wood grain.

Screen Protection

Screen Protection

Much like you protect the screen on your phone or tablet, you can also protect the screens in your Tesla Model S. Especially highly touched areas such as the main screen and the rear screen. The film can not only prevent scratches, but also reduces finger prints, and makes cleaning easier. A satin film can also help to reduce glare and finger prints.

Protecting the Paint

New refresh, but still the same soft Tesla paint that is prone to swirl marks, staining, etching, and chipping. The two main ways to offer paint protection are with a clear bra or by ceramic coating the paint. Our recommendations depend on how long you plan on keeping the vehicle and how much/what kind of driving you do.

5 or more years and/or heavy freeway driving:

A full car paint protection wrap is the best option for keeping the paint looking new. It offers the best protection against swirls, staining,  etching and chips. Our Suntek Ultra film offers a 10- year manufacture’s warranty. It offers the benefits of being self-healing against swirl marks, hydrophobic, and UV blocking to protect the paint from fading.

2-5 years and/or moderate freeway driving:

We strongly recommend to these customers a combination of our premium paint protection package and a ceramic coating. The premium package protects the most damage prone areas on the front end of the vehicle, where most of the wear and tear from road debris.

While the ceramic coating is a liquid applied to the clear coat of the vehicle. It hardens to x, and offers a deep gloss finish and hydrophobic properties. While it can still swirl and etch, the benefit is that it is more resistant to that than the paint is, and if the vehicle needs to be polished or buffed then you are doing so to the ceramic coat instead of your already thin factory paint.

2 years or less and/or light driving:

Our standard package and ceramic coating. The reason many of our customers choose to go with the premium package is because of the slight line visible across the hood and fenders of the standard package. If that does not bother you, then the standard package is a good option for keeping the most forward facing sections of the front end protected. Adding ceramic coating to the vehicle also helps to harden and protect the paint.

Or at least doing paint protection film on the front bumper of the vehicle. The bumper is the panel most likely to take damage on the front end.

Neither paint protection film nor ceramic coatings will disrupt or interfere with the sensors or cameras on the vehicle.

Colored Paint Protection Film

Colored Paint Protection Film

Stek Dyno purple, grey, and metallic white.

Colored Paint Protection

Stek Dyno blue, red, gloss black, and satin black.

We also offer Stek colored paint protection films. Changing the color of the entire car, or just a certain section of the vehicle. You can two-tone the vehicle, add stripes, add accent pieces. The colored paint protection films offer all the same benefits as gloss or satin ppf, with the addition of changing the color. You still get the self-healing top coat, the UV protection, and the hydrophobic benefits of the films.

Protecting Your Interior

Protecting Your Interior

If you opt for the lighter colored interior protecting it from dye transfer and other stains is important. A interior sealer can provide defense against stains and other liquids.

Another great way to protect your interior from sun damage over time is by using ceramic window tint. The heat rejection and UV blocking capabilities of the film will not only reduce the heat for the interior of the vehicle but also prevent sun damage over time.

Glass Protection

With how expensive the glass windshield and roof pieces are, making the investment into a protective exterior film is worth it. Our windshield film is similar to paint protection film, but made specifically for glass. It is optically clear, offers a hydrophobic surface to help bead water off, and offers 99% UV rejection as well.

The film is crack-resistant, composed of highly elastic layers that effectively absorbs and disperses shocks and hits.

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