Who Should and Shouldn’t Go With Ceramic Coating

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What is Ceramic Coating?

It is a silica dioxide-based liquid material that bonds cross-link to your paint creating a harder surface. It helps to prevent fading and chemical damage and is resistant to scratches and chips. Offer more protection to the paint than not applying anything. The top level of hardness is 10H for ceramic coats, which is what we use.

We also use a graphene ceramic coating, which offers more beading of water, is highly anti-static, more flexible, and has longer durability than typical ceramic coatings on the market. So you’re getting a coating that is less prone to water spots, and longer durability out of the ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating application requires a multi-day, multi-step prep and installation process, so it’s an investment not only in money but also in time.


What is Typically Included in the Price?

Typically ceramic coating applications include washing the vehicle, a clay bar paint decontamination, at least a single-stage paint correction, and then application of the coating. At our shop, we go a step further and apply two layers of the coating for added strength and gloss.


When You Should Consider Ceramic Coating:

  • Want a high gloss vehicle
  • Want an easy-to-clean vehicle
  • Don’t have the time or interest to wax your vehicle every 2-3 weeks
  • Leasing or not planning on keeping the vehicle for more than 3 years and want some kind of protection for the paint
  • Use the vehicle for business and want it to stay looking clean and new
  • Want protection for the whole vehicle at a lower cost than paint protection film


When You Shouldn’t Consider Ceramic Coating:

  • Rarely wash your vehicle or you run your car through tunnel brush car washes
  • You enjoy waxing your car regularly
  • Really want to protect the vehicle from rock chips and scratches
  • Want a 10-year solution to protect the entire vehicle
  • Plan on keeping the vehicle longer than 5 years
  • The paint suffers from UV damage already
  • You want to keep the vehicle swirl mark free

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