Bulk Installations

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What is a bulk installation?

A bulk installation is a clear bra install done by using a large sheet of material instead of a pre-cut kit piece. Bulk installations take much longer to install as everything must be hand trimmed.

Most installation companies will only do bulk installations when there is no kit available or by customer request. Bulk installations will be more expensive and require more time to complete. Which is why most people go for kit installations.

Is a bulk installation better than a kit installation?

For bulk installation vs. kit installs, there is a time and place for both. Bulk installs are great for older vehicles that might not have the best fitting kit in the system or those that have no kits available at all. Kit installations can offer a more accurate installation.

When using a kit it means that your installer plugs in the exact year, make, model and sub-model of the vehicle into a computer program that then uses a plotter to cut out each panel from a large sheet of material. These kits are done to the exact measurements of the vehicle and are designed to give a perfect fit. Allowing edges for installers to use to line up where the film goes. The added benefit of using a kit installation is being able to manipulate the pattern for an even better fit to the vehicle. If an installer does not like the way a kit fits, they can manipulate it to fit how they want it too. Even saving the new pattern for future use.

Not every car has a full kit. Some will only have a front end kit. Sometimes you will get a better installation from doing that panel custom. Some vehicles that require a custom hood are many trucks. Due to the size and “curves” or “ridges” on the hood often it is better to do a custom installation from a large sheet of material.

What you do want to ensure is that any installer doing a bulk installation has the proper experience, as they will be trimming the film over the paint on the vehicle. A bad installer can damage your paint, or even leave odd, uneven edges on the film.

Classic Cars and Custom Cars

Older vehicles or custom cars often times do not have the option of a kit installation. In the case of these vehicles, everything would need to be custom installed. Usually, there are more drastic curves to these vehicles that need an experienced installer to know how to do the installation.

Things like relief cuts or seams all have to be custom done to the specific vehicle. So having an experienced installer means they know the best location to cut those. Making the install as seamless and invisible as possible. An important factor when the car is a showpiece.

While they might go on a long drive every now and then, you want to ensure that the paint stays show ready or in immaculate condition. A custom clear bra, with the most strategically placed seams and relief cuts, can ensure that the paint remains looking its best, and the film is as unnoticeable as possible. All while offering the most coverage and protection possible for the vehicle.

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