Repainted Vehicles and Paint Protection Film

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How long after painting should you wait before installing paint protection film?

Typically you should wait 30 days after a vehicle has been repainted before having paint protection film reinstalled. Whether or not the panel is baked, you should still give the paint time to “air out”.

You want to give the paint time to release the solvents from the paint and clear coat. Ideally, you want the vehicle to heat up during the 30 days, so if your car is garage kept you will want to give it 60-90 days.

If you do not give the paint enough time to properly cure and air out it can cause bubbles to form and likely peel paint when it needs to be removed. Solvents unable to escape due to the clear bra can also cause discoloration to the paint.

Will the film damage my re-paint?

It is possible that if the film needs to be removed in the future that it can peel paint. Especially on plastic panels such as the front bumper cover. But it can damage repaint anywhere. If the paint was not fully cured when it was installed it can cause the paint to bubble or ripple when the film is removed.

The strong adhesive backing on the film does adhere exceptionally well to the painted surfaces. Your installer should take the time to sit the vehicle in direct sunlight or in front of an IR lamp, and use a heat gun during the removal process.



  1. Since many paints are water based and solvents can be flashed off with extra bake time do you still feel that waiting is the best course for reapplying to a repainted bumper?

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