Door Cups, Door Edges, and Trunk Guards

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Ever wonder how the area behind yous door handles becomes so scratched and dulled? Or where those mystery chips along your door edge come from? Frustrated because you scratched the paint on the trunk ledge? We have the answers and the solutions for all these problems!

Door Cups

Nails and rings can cause damage to the area behind the handles. Over time the area becomes severely scratched. So badly that the scratches will go through the paint, and no amount of polishing will be able to remove them. Protecting your door cups is fast and simple with our Door Cup Paint Protection. Made of the same material used for Clear Bras, our protection film will keep your door cups looking like new, without changing the appearance of the vehicle. 

It is a clear and thin film so there’s no alteration in color or appearance. The most you will see is a very slight line at certain angles. Door cup protection can be cut out via a plotter to offer a uniform look and fit for all doors. There is also the option to use colored vinyl as a door cup, to add a pop of color to the vehicle, although vinyl is thinner and does not offer as much protection as paint protection film does.

Door Edge Guards

No matter how careful you are in parking lots or garages door edge chips can still happen. Maybe you or a passenger opened the door a little to hard, or the wind caught it and swung it open. Either way door edge guards can help protect the edges from getting chips, dents, and scratches.

Some manufacturers have them installed at the ports. Often times it is cheap, thick film that yellows quickly because it lacks a top coat. It can be very noticeable on vehicles. The other option from manufactures is a very thick plastic that is usually body colored. Again these tend to very noticeable and also go bad over time and crack, peel or become discolored over time.

The best option for a nearly unnoticeable protection is our door edge guards. A thin .8 mm film is applied around the door edge and wrapped around for a nearly edge-less finish.

Trunk Guard

The loading area of your trunk can take a real beating. From getting hit by boxes, luggage, groceries, sports equipment, kid items or even from pets jumping in and out, it can become badly scratched or in some cases, the paint chipped.

There are many options when it comes to protecting this area of your vehicle. Some vehicles come with a “metal” or chrome piece there from the factory. These too can often become scratched and dulled over years of use.

Another option is a aftermarket plastic trunk guard that has an adhesive backing. These are often black or colored, and quite thick. They can be unsightly and very noticeable. Another similar product is a cargo liner that you fold in and out to cover the rear bumper and protect it. Often these are used for those who have pets in and out of the back.

Then there is paint protection film. A thin, multi-layer film that offers nearly invisible protection for the painted area of the rear cargo entry. If it becomes damaged it is easy to remove and replace the piece. The pieces are cut via a plotter to the exact year make and model of vehicle.

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