Clear Bra: Advantages of Using Paint Protection Film

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There are two types of people in the world when it comes to their vehicles, preventative people and reactive people.

You would expect a brand new car to be flawless when you take it off the lot. However, that’s just not the case. Most cars sit on dealership lots for days, weeks, months, possibly years before being sold and get beaten by the weather. The less than proficient dealership detailers don’t help either. But regardless, a detail that incorporates a wash and wax is the perfect first step. Adding a buff would be better for many cars that come with swirls. But the BEST final step would be to add a clear bra to the car. If you own a black or other dark painted car, this is almost a non-option.

Throughout the course of normal daily driving, rocks, road debris, and other road particles are going to get kicked up and take nicks out of the paint.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Films (PPFs) are generally composed of multi-layer polyurethane material with an automotive clear coat on top. They’re clear and designed for one purpose – providing a barrier between the car’s paint and the elements. You may have heard them referred to as clear bras on occasion, however, this is a trademark and not a generic term.

Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wraps, on the other hand, are made of polyvinyl (hence the name) and are generally used for altering aesthetics, be it a new color, a pattern, a logo, or even an entire picture. Because they are for aesthetics, they are thinner and less durable.

Advantages of Using a Clear Bra:

1. Prevents chipping the paint

2. Prevents the inevitable rusting of the metal due to the chips

3. Prevents from initial chemical reactions that eat at the paint

4. Easily replaceable clear bra when the first one gets beat up

5. Increases resale value by keeping paint like new

A clear bra has many advantages that are hard to ignore. However, there are things to consider when shopping for your clear bra.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Clear Bra

1. Find a respected installer who knows what they’re doing

2. Decide how much of your car you want to cover.

3. Make sure the film being used is the best quality film available. We personally recommend Suntek Ultra, which is self-healing, hydrophobic, and is made in the USA

How Things Can go Wrong:

1. Saving money without a top name brand – Prepare for yellowing of the clear bra and peeling around the edges

2. Don’t pick the right installer – Expect air bubbles, uneven cuts, and lack of coverage in certain spots of the car.

It doesn’t take much to ensure your car is properly protected. A little research and a little money upfront will keep your car’s paint looking pristine for a long time. A clear bra may even get you a little extra money if/when you decide to sell your car…


  1. It’s good to know that clear-bra protection can easily be replaced if I get a new one. I’m thinking about getting my car painted jet black soon because it has suffered way too many minor scratches from years of driving through dusty roads. Having an extra layer of protection would surely make the paint last longer this time around.

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