Why You Shouldn’t Apply Ceramic Coating Yourself

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If you can buy ceramic coatings yourself, why not save the money and apply it yourself?

There are a multitude of reasons why that would be a bad idea, unless you have extensive detailing and paint correction experience. Here are the following reasons why you shouldn’t install the coating yourself;

  1. The car needs to be properly prepped

In order to get the car ready, it needs to be properly washed as the first step. This includes a thorough pressure wash, making sure to get all the crevices where dirt hides exceptionally clean, soaping, and removing of contaminants from the paint. You will want to either use the two bucket system or a grit guard in the bucket. The ceramic coating will only highlight and make more obvious any imperfections or chips in the paint.

Removing contaminants can range from using Iron Off to needing extensive claying. Even brand new cars need proper prepping before the ceramic coating is installed, as they sit on the car lot exposed to the sun and dirt. But it is important to remove anything from the paint before installing the ceramic coating to achieve the perfect finish.

2. The car needs to be properly detailed and the paint corrected

If not done properly the clear coat and even the paint can be damaged in the process. The paint can come out looking scratched and dull. The clear coat can become uneven. You could even polish off your already thin clear coat.

Proper and well trained detailers also use the best materials available. Chances are you won’t be willing to invent in the best tools and polishes for the occasional at home detail. Not to mention the best lighting and a clean shop to work in. Professional detailers will have the best tools and polishes available. They will also have plenty of lighting and a clean, indoor area to work in.

3. Improperly applied ceramic coating

The ceramic coating flashes, much like paint does, and has a short window to properly wipe the coating off. Failing to do so means it comes out foggy looking, and can also bubble. Then the only way to fix this would be to cut down the coating.

The other issue with not having the right skills and knowledge is an uneven coating. When improperly applied it can come out with raised spots. And once the coating is cured it will be hard to correct.

4. Improper Installation Environment

When applying the coating you also need plenty of good light. Good detail shops will be well lit and extremely clean. Doing the ceramic coating in your garage, if you lack proper lighting, you would need to back the vehicle in and out to check the coating. Making sure it has been applied smoothly and evenly.

Moving the vehicle in and out of an enclosed environment can cause the still not cured ceramic coating to get dirt, dust, or other contaminants in it.


Once the coating is cured the only way to remove and/or fix any imperfections would be to cut down the coating. Possibly even damaging the clear coat or paint underneath. It would be a very time-consuming process.

It would be not only more cost effective, but also more time efficient to have the coating applied properly the first time.


  1. That’s why I’m worried to apply this coating by myself. I must call a professional to do this. I might damage the exterior of my car. Thank you for sharing this article.

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