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Ghost Shield Film C8 Corvette

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Well. We finally got our C8 in and we finally got done with all the changes we wanted to make!

  1. Full-Body Satin Paint Protection Wrap with a Reverse Dual Racing Stripe

It’s called a reverse stripe when you use the car’s paint color to “make” the stripe. Here we used both satin and gloss paint protection films to create the satin body and gloss stripe. We left the metallic black accents by covering them with our gloss paint protection film.

We used Suntek Ultra film in both satin and gloss finishes. Both films come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Both films offer a hydrophobic and self-healing top coat. So we won’t have to worry about any swirls marks on our baby!

2. Ceramic Coating over the PPF

We wanted to add not only depth of shine to the gloss sections but also just another bit of protection. We used CQuartz skin ceramic coating to apply it over the paint protection film.

The ceramic coating just adds another layer of harder clear coat to the film/car. Metallic paints especially look amazing with the ceramic coating over top.

It also offers additional hydrophobic qualities to the vehicle. Making cleaning easier.

3. Ceramic Window Tint

Being that the car is black and the interior is black, we knew one of the things we would do is ceramic window tinting. This will help block out the heat and damaging UV rays.

Not only offer driver and passenger protection, but also the interior surfaces protection.

We did ceramic tint on the windshield and side windows to offer the best heat rejection.

4. Wheel Powder Coat

We went with Gloss Black on the factory wheels. We felt that it tied in nicely with the car and that the factory chrome finish just didn’t work with the style of the vehicle.


5. Painting the Brake Calipers

We aren’t really happy with the factory “yellow” calipers. So we want to have them redone in a more traditional yellow color. Due to liability we will be having the calipers painted and not powder coated.

The wheels are removed and the entire car bagged to prevent overspray. Then the calipers will be painted and finally coated with a protective clear.

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