Ghost Shield’s Standard Paint Protection Package vs Premium Paint Protection Package

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Can you live with the Hood line?

This is one main points in deciding between our standard or premium paint protection packages for a lot of our customers. With the standard package, there is a slight line going across the hood and fenders. Granted the paint protection film is about 0.7mm thick, there is still a slightly noticeable line from a partial hood and fenders package.

Metallic paints tend to hide the line better. But the hood line is still visible at certain angles. The line will also become more noticeable when the vehicle is dirty, and if it is not cleaned off properly. Especially on light colored vehicles.

Dirt and hard waxes can build up along the edge of the film that cuts across the hood and fenders. This is easily cleaned with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. You just need to be very careful during the cleaning process as to not damage the film.

Often customers who care about the aesthetics of their vehicle or are very meticulous about their vehicle will be bothered by the film edge that goes across the hood and fenders. Another common reason to do the premium package is if the car will be in car shows and the owner wants it to be as flawless as possible. The premium package does not alter the appearance of the car at all and creates an invisible front end protection.

How long will you keep the car for? And what kind of driving do you do?

This is a common question we ask customers who are on the fence about what package to go with. Was it a lease? Will you only keep it a couple of years? If your vehicle is a lease you might not want to invest in full front end protection. Especially if you do not plan to buy it off-lease.


Some who lease their vehicles want to ensure that the front end is protected and they won’t get hit with excess wear and tear charges when they turn in their vehicle. Protecting the whole front is good for leased vehicles that do a lot of freeway driving, are not garage kept, or that you might buy at end of the lease. Vehicles that get a lot of mileage put on in a year can become heavily chipped from rocks and other road debris.

Our Advice – whether your are owning or leasing

If you bought the car but are only planning on keeping it for only a year or two, then the same rules apply as with a leased car. However, if you are going to be keeping the vehicle for 5 or more years, than covering the whole front end or even the entire car is worth the cost to maintain the paint. Paint protection film can also make maintenance washes easier as well, especially on the front end and side mirrors that take a lot of bug hits.

The other important factor is the type of driving that you do.

Are you mostly driving on the freeway or surface streets? Freeway driving causes more damage to the front end of your vehicle as there is more road debris and objects get picked up and thrown at a high rate of speed causing more damage to the paint. If you’re mostly doing freeway driving then we strongly recommend protecting the full front end of your vehicle. Rocks or other objects can be kicked up high and cause damage anywhere on the front end.

How much protection do you need?

That all depends on your vehicle. A Porsche 911 has different high-risk zones than a Sedan or SUV does. Certain models of vehicles need protection in certain areas.

Talking Tesla

On a Tesla the minimum we would recommend is doing the bumper and hood. Both areas we have seen that are hit prone. On Corvettes, we recommend the Premium package and adding on doing the rocker panels as well. As those are all high impact areas very likely to become chipped.

Vehicles with low, slanted down front ends tend to pick up chips all along the front of the vehicle. Whereas a truck is most prone to chips on the bumper and leading edges of the hood and fenders.

In Conclusion

So the choice of whether or not to go with our standard package or premium package comes down to a mix of customer preference and the vehicle itself. Low cars with slanted front ends need the full front end protection more than a large truck does.

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