How To Make Your Dodge Hornet Stand Out

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If you haven’t seen Dodge’s new commercial we highly recommend taking a look at it below. This is one of the best car commercials we’ve seen in a long time from an advertising standpoint. 

The Hornet hasn’t hit dealer lots (at least not when this blog is being written, and also why we used pictures of other car makes and models to demonstrate our offered services). But it’s never too early to start planning for that new ride. How you might want to customize or change it to stand out or better reflect your personality, or how to best protect your new ride! 


Satin Paint Protection Film

This option allows you to turn the color of your vehicle to a satin finish and all while offering the best available protection to the paint! We use the Xpel Ultimate Plus brand of film, which offers a self-healing top coat for swirls and small scratches, hydrophobic qualities, UV protection, as well as a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is the best option to get a matte or satin color for your vehicle.

The film offers a more durable finish than a satin top coat would from the manufacturer or a vinyl wrap. Making washing the vehicle a much simpler task with the hydrophobic qualities it contains. Another benefit of satin paint protection film is that metallic paint will still show through the film. So a metallic white now becomes a satin metallic white.

Check out our Paint Protection Film Page for more information!  


Full-Color Change

Vinyl Wrap Thousand Oaks

A vinyl color change wrap is the process of wrapping the exterior painted surfaces to another color. Vinyl is basically a large colored sticker. There is a multitude of different colors to choose from and in different finishes. Matte, satin, and gloss. Even “color flips”, which is a vinyl that changes color depending on the angle and the light.

One of the main benefits of vinyl is that it is removable. The main downside to vinyl wraps is that they are not made to last. With a well-maintained and garage-kept vehicle, a vinyl wrap can last years. But a poorly maintained vehicle, that is allowed to sit dirty, with water on it, and bird droppings sitting for weeks will go bad within a matter of months. Vinyl wraps are not for everyone.


If you’re looking for a longer-lasting option to changing the color of your Hornet then colored paint protection film is the best option, but it is costly. Most colored paint protection film brands offer at least a 7-year warranty coving discoloration, peeling, bubbling, and fading. You also get the benefits of the “self-healing” top coat and protection for the paint, the same as you would get from using gloss or satin ppf.

Colored ppf is a relatively new product with limited color options at this time. But more and more colors and finishes are becoming available every year. This product can also be used for stripes, panel accents, or two-toning the vehicle the same way that vinyl can do.


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Partial Color Change/Accent Panels

You can go with everything from a pinstripe to stripes, to wrapping a single panel. There are many different ways that a vinyl wrap can change the look of your vehicle. Add your own personal flair to the car.

You can “two-tone” your vehicle, either by wrapping the top half of the car or by wrapping just the hood, roof, and trunk deck. You can wrap just the hood as well. There are many different ways to stripe a car. You can have a single stripe, dual stripes, stripes with accent stripes, or even side stripes. The options are really just about limitless when it comes to what can be done.  


Wheel Powder Coating

Changing the color of the rims can help to really change up the look of the vehicle. You can go for a subtle change like gloss or satin black, maybe matching a chrome delete. Or do something more drastic like adding a pop of color or matching the wheels to the body color.

Powder coating is a durable finish to your wheels that is similar to their original coating. Paint would easily chip and become damaged from everyday wear and tear. You want to make sure that your wheels are getting powder coat.

Learn More about Wheel Powder Coat  

Caliper Paint

Brake calipers can be painted to change them to just about any color around. Or you can install a caliper cover over the top of them. Typically you will be more restricted in colors and designs with a cover.

You will want to ensure that the company knows what they are doing when it comes to this process. There are two methods of painting the brake calipers. One is to bag off the entire car, thereby protecting it from overspray, and then paint the calipers.

Or the second method is to remove and bleed the lines of brake fluid and paint them off the vehicle. And then reinstalling the calipers.

With either option, you want to ensure that it is done properly so that your car is safe and protected. Especially when it comes to your brakes. There are many shops that will work on wheels, but not the calipers due to the liability.  

If You Just Want Protection

Touch-Screen Protection

Much like a screen protector for your phone, you can install paint protection film on the touch screens of the vehicles to protect them from scratches and make them easier to clean fingerprints off of. A satin paint protection film installed will also help reduce glare off the screen.

The Dodge Hornet features a 12.3-inch digital display panel and a 10.3-inch infotainment screen, so theres a lot of screen to protect. Screens these days will see a lot of touching, and potential items rubbing against them as people get in and out of the vehicle or reach across the vehicle.

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Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film, also known as PPF or clear bra, is a flexible but durable polyurethane film that is applied to the painted surfaces of the vehicle.  We use the Xpel Ultimate Plus line of ppf, which has a 10-year warranty against cracking, peeling, fading, and yellowing in addition to the long warranty, the ppf also has self-healing properties to remove swirl marks from the film’s surface. Clear bra protects your vehicle from rock chips and other impact-related damage that can occur with everyday driving.

Making it the ultimate way of protecting your paint. If you’re a commuter doing a lot of driving, live in an area where a lot of construction is going on or there is a lot of debris in the roads, you care about not getting rock chips, your vehicle maintaining its look and finish matters, or you want to keep the paint in good condition for when you plan to sell it, then paint protection film is the right option.

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Ceramic Coatings

The ceramic coating utilizes nanotechnology to provide a completely invisible layer of protection. Nanoparticles, when applied to the surface, seal all the pores in the clear coat making the surface stronger, hydrophobic, and UV resistant. All while making the surface more resistant to swirl marks, etching, and water spots. The nano-coating forms a semi-permanent bond with the surface of your vehicle’s paint, resulting in a “sacrificial” layer over the factory paint.

So if the car does need some kind of paint correction you would be working on the ceramic coating and not your vehicle’s clear coat. Ceramic coating provides protection from contaminants as well as providing a deeply shiny, and glossy finish to your vehicle by bonding to the clear. These products are called permanent because they can be removed only through polishing or lack of maintenance.

Learn more about the Benefits of Ceramic Coat here!

Window Tint

Ceramic window tint can offer more benefits than just darkening your windows. It also offers UV rejection, up to 62% depending on the shade(s) chosen. Our standard window tint also offers heat rejection but not as effectively as ceramic window tint does. By rejecting UV rays the tint protects your vehicle’s interior surfaces from fading or cracking due to UV damage over time.
It also helps prevent the inside of the vehicle from getting extremely hot and drying out, or “baking”, interior surfaces that can cause them to crack, blister, or fade. Or cause permanent damage to interior electronic components due to high temperatures.
Learn More about WHICH TINT IS RIGHT FOR YOU? in our other blog post!

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