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Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating

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People often ask, “What’s the difference between paint protection film PPF and ceramic coating?”  and they also often ask, “Which product is right for me?”.

To answer the first question: PPF and ceramic coating are completely different products.

Paint Protection Film or clear bra is a clear film that stops rocks and stones from chipping your paint. It can be applied to your whole vehicle, or applied to the most vulnerable areas. PPF keeps your paint in new condition, with no paint chips.

Ceramic coating is a liquid coating that bonds to your car’s topcoat to create a much harder layer. It has hydrophobic properties, so you won’t need to wash it as frequently. It can still water spot and swirl mark, but the benefit of ceramic coating is polishing on the coating to remove these and not your car’s already thin clear coat.

Thousand Oaks Ceramic Coat

To answer the second question, “Which is the right product for me,” the answer is, “That depends.”

Every customer is unique, every vehicle is unique, and every situation is unique! We don’t have one-size-fits-all here.

Some unethical installers will tell you ceramic coating stops paint from chipping. Others will talk about one product and push you into another. This is most common with ceramic coating only shops, when they steer customers who would be better with PPF into ceramic coating.

At Ghost Shield Film, we sell both PPF and ceramic coating services so that you can choose the best protection for your vehicle. Here are answers to some common questions customers deciding between PPF and ceramic coating often ask:

I’m leasing. Should I get PPF or ceramic coating? Be sure to mention that to your installer. While every vehicle should have paint protection, a reputable shop will recommend ceramic coating, not PPF, on leased vehicles.

What can I afford on my tight budget? If you’re choosing between PPF and ceramic coating and you have a new vehicle, buy PPF first. Your car is only new once. If your vehicle is older with some miles on it, get a ceramic coating and learn how to wash your vehicle properly. That way you won’t introduce a lot of paint damage that later needs to be paint corrected. Or consider having some areas protected with PPF and others with ceramic coating.

Can I install ceramic coating myself? While you can buy ceramic coating, they have a long lifespan (3-4 years) and if you botch the application it is hard to fix. There is also a considerable amount of prep work involved to get the paint prepared for the ceramic application. If the application was done incorrectly and the coating needed to be removed it would need to be polished off by a professional and that could become costly or even result in damage to the paint. It is better to leave something like ceramic coating to a professional who has experience in detailing and application. 

I have an SUV or pickup, not a sports car, why would I invest in PPF? In some respects, a daily driver is even more important to protect than a weekend driver because you depend on the daily to get to meetings, run errands, and take the kids to and from school—in any kind of weather. If your plan is to keep the vehicle for a long time, 5 years or more, then it is beneficial to protect the paint as much as possible. Making washing easier and increasing the resale value by maintaining the factory paint and not requiring paint work when sold.

For paint protection film and ceramic coating packages, pricing, and more get a quote from us here!

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