Protecting and Maintaining Your Car’s Interior

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Why Regular Interior Details Are Important

Regular cleaning of the interior surfaces of your vehicle help to keep dirt or dried liquids from causing staining or damage. Dirt and dust particles can cause scratches to the interior surfaces. Everything from dirt and makeup, to coffee or soda can damage the vinyl, leather or cloth surfaces of your vehicle.

Detailing also offers conditioning for the plastic or leather surfaces of your vehicle. Over time they can become dry and crack or blister or fade. From both the heat of the interior and UV damage. The application of professional products can help to restore and re-hydrate the interior surfaces.

You also want to ensure that any leather surfaces in your vehicle are properly conditioned. It helps to prevent tearing, cracking, fading and also cleans them of any dirt.

How Ceramic Window Tint Can Prevent UV Damage

Ceramic window tint can offer more benefit than just darkening your windows. It also offers UV rejection, up to 62% depending on the shade(s) chosen.

By rejecting UV rays the ceramic tint protects your vehicles’ interior surfaces from fading or cracking due to UV damage over time. It also helps prevent the inside of the vehicle from getting extremely hot and drying out, or “baking”, interior surfaces that can cause them to crack, blister, or fade.

Protection From Kids and Pets

Using coatings, like CarPro’s CQuartz leather, can help to prevent stains, die transfer to leather or synthetic leather seats, and damage from UV rays for years to come. Something as simple as Scotchguard can also be used to protect the car’s seats.

CarPro also offers the CQ Fabric spray to protect fabric and leather surfaces. Using nanotechnology the treatment is small enough to attach to individual fibers, delivering superior performance characteristics without compromising the look, feel or comfort of the fabric, and without clogging the fabric weave. It offers protection against liquids, dirt, and stains.

You can also use other products to protect the surfaces of your vehicle. Pet covers can be used to protect your backseats from pet nails and dirt. Rubber floor mats can also be used to protect your vehicle’s interior surfaces.

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