The Tesla Paint Protection Film Guide – Model 3 and Y

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Investing in paint protection film for your Tesla is not only beneficial for its appearance and protection, but it also has economic advantages. A Tesla is a valuable asset, and any potential buyer will inspect it closely to ensure they are getting value for their investment. With paint protection film, your Tesla will look new for longer, giving it an edge over other used Teslas on the market.

The additional layer of PPF acts as a shield against scratches, chips, and other common forms of damage, meaning the soft paint remains intact for a more extended period. This will give the potential buyer confidence that they are buying a well-maintained vehicle, which can lead to a higher resale price.

Aesthetics matter when it comes to vehicles, and your Tesla is no exception. Paint protection film enhances your Tesla’s appearance by maintaining its glossy, like-new finish. As a result, your vehicle will be much more appealing to potential buyers, and they may be willing to pay a higher price to purchase it. This means that the modest investment made in paint protection film can lead to larger returns in terms of resale value. Furthermore, most paint protection films (like ours) come with a warranty up to ten years!

Protecting Your Tesla’s Soft Paint with Paint Protection Film

If you’re a proud Tesla owner, you may have noticed that your vehicle has a soft paint finish. This is because many newer paint jobs, not just Tesla, feature softer paint due to environmental regulations and other factors. While this may be better for the environment, it can make it more challenging to keep your vehicle looking its best. Not only are these paints easier to scratch and chip, but they are also more sensitive to environmental factors like bird droppings, tree sap, and UV rays.

Fortunately, there is a solution to protect your Tesla’s soft paint – paint protection film.

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Paint protection film, also known as PPF, is a transparent automotive film that is applied to your vehicle’s paint to protect it from scratches, chips, and other common forms of damage. PPF is a tough, durable film that is designed to absorb impacts and prevent damage from occurring to the paint underneath.

One of the most significant benefits of PPF is its ability to self-heal. When exposed to heat, like from the sun or a heat gun, the film can repair itself from minor scratches and scuffs. This means your Tesla will always look its best, even after experiencing some wear and tear.

What are the Benefits of Paint Protection Film for Tesla Owners?

There are many benefits to investing in paint protection film for your Tesla, including:

Protecting your investment: A Tesla is a significant investment, and paint protection film is an excellent way to ensure it stays looking new for years to come. Your vehicle’s resale value will increase, and you’ll be able to enjoy driving your Tesla longer.

Easy maintenance: One of the biggest headaches for any car owner is trying to maintain the car’s appearance. With paint protection film, you can wash your Tesla just like you would normally, and it will be protected from dirt and debris.

Reduced risk of damage: Your Tesla is always at risk for damage, from road debris to hailstorms. Paint protection film acts as a shield that will absorb the impact, preventing damage from occurring to your car’s soft paint.

How to Choose the Right Paint Protection Film for your Tesla

When it comes to choosing the right paint protection film for your Tesla, there are a few factors to consider:

Quality: The quality of the paint protection film determines how well it will protect your Tesla’s paint. Look for high-quality films that are durable, resistant to yellowing, and long-lasting.

Installer experience: You want to choose a professional installer with the experience and expertise to ensure the film is installed correctly. Poor installation can lead to bubbling, peeling, and other problems.

Cost: The cost of paint protection film varies depending on the quality of the film, finish of film and the size of your Tesla. However, it’s essential to remember that investing in PPF will protect your investment in your Tesla.

What is the Cost of Paint Protection Film for a Tesla?

The cost of paint protection film for a Tesla varies, depending on the size of your vehicle, front end vs full car protection and the quality of the film. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to $6,000 for professional installation. Sounds like a lot but pays for itself everyday so you can amortize that expense over ownership.

Where to Get Paint Protection Film Near Me?

If you’re looking for paint protection film for your Tesla in Ventura County and the surrounding cities, Ghost Shield Film is the company to turn to. They offer a wide range of automotive film services, including clear bra installation, ceramic coat, and window tint.

How long does paint protection film last?

The lifespan of paint protection film depends on the quality of the film and how well it’s maintained. Most PPFs come with a manufacturer warranty that ranges from five to ten years.

Will paint protection film affect the paint job on my Tesla?

No, paint protection film will not affect your Tesla’s soft paint. In fact, it’s designed to protect it. However, it’s important to have a professional install the film to ensure it’s applied correctly.

Can paint protection film be removed?

Yes, paint protection film can be removed, but it’s essential to have it done professionally to avoid damaging your vehicle’s paint.

Is paint protection film worth it?

Absolutely! Paint protection film is a worthwhile investment that will protect your Tesla and keep it looking new. It’s a cost-effective way to maintain your vehicle’s appearance and prolong its lifespan.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to protect your Tesla’s soft paint, paint protection film is an excellent option to consider. With its many benefits and self-healing properties, it’s a wise investment for any Tesla owner. Just be sure to choose a professional installer that uses high-quality film to ensure your Tesla is adequately protected.


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