What Everyone Should Know About Paint Protection Film!

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Since paint covers the largest surface area of the car, it will most likely over the years, begin fading or become damaged. Your vehicle may look a lot older than it really is. This is why it is vital to protect the aesthetic appeal of your car using paint protection film.

For many drivers paint protection film is a somewhat unknown method of protecting their cars. Though it is most effective way of protecting your vehicle’s finish. Let’s dive into all about paint protection film and why it’s a must-have for your vehicle.


Paint protection film (PPF) is also known as clear mask, clear bra, clear wrap, invisible shield, car scratch protective film among others. It is a thin multi-layer material that is placed over the painted vehicle panels to offer protection against scrapes, debris, etching, staining and flying rocks.


Here in California, and our neighboring states of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, one of the most damaging elements is the harsh UV rays. Another benefit of paint protection film is that it offers UV protection to the car.

PPF is made using a type of plastic known as Urethane material. Its elasticity and malleability allows it to be stretched, curved, and bent around to take the shape of your car perfectly. To offer maximum protection, the top layer of PPF is made of an elastomeric material, ensuring it retains its shape. This property also enables the PPF to self-heal in case there are minor scratches, such as swirl marks.

One of the main reasons paint protection film has not been a popular method of protecting cars is because the film has a history of bubbling or yellowing. However, this is all in the past when films lacked the elastomeric layer. Offering a film that now offers benefits that are too good to pass up for anyone who loves their car.


The whole idea of installing paint protection film is protecting your car long term. If your PPF is applied by a professional ad well trained installer, you should expect it to serve you for 10 years. For added protection, make sure that the installation company is certified to use the products by the manufacturing company. If they are, you will be eligible for a PPF warranty from the manufacturer. Suntek Ultra offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

However, there are still other factors that will affect the longevity of PPF. They include:

1. How The Vehicle Was Prepped

Preparing the surface is one of the most important and time-consuming parts of installing PPF. Preparation involves removing contaminants from the paint and ironing out any imperfections. We start all our installations by thoroughly washing and claying the area of installation. And if necessary using an iron remover to get the paint as close to perfect as possible.

There are no shortcuts at this stage as any contaminants left on the surface will greatly reduce the amount of time PPF will protect your vehicle. Not just that but ensuring all crevices/panel gaps are cleaned out as well.



2. The Application

Once the contaminants have been removed and imperfections delt with, the PPF must be applied correctly for it to offer the required level of protection.


The material must be laid onto the vehicle perfectly for it to adhere properly and so that there are no bubbles formed or gaps and wonky seams. The formation of bubbles is usually a sign that contaminants were not properly removed or that the installation was not done well. Some bubbles might be too small and need to cure out over time. That is a normal part of the process.

You also want an installer who knows how to alter patterns to best fit the vehicle. A poor-fitting kit will not look good no matter who is installing it.

3. Environment Matters

PPF is highly durable and resistant to environmental factors such as UV rays and heat from the sun. However, it is not bulletproof. Therefore, even if your car has a layer of protection, you still need to take some precautionary steps.


The car will still need to be washed (using water and not just with waterless wash). Bird droppings can etch into the film, especially on hot days. Dirt can also be absorbed into the clear coat and stain it if the car is constantly dirty.

You will also want to avoid wiping the car when it is really hot. This can damage the top coat, making it not able to self-heal.

It’s Best Left To The Professionals

Though it’s possible to install PPF yourself, and you can buy the exact kit to your vehicle, it is better to leave such delicate tasks to professionals. It is a skill that takes years to become great at.

Kits bought online have not been altered to offer the best fit, and often do not allow you to be able to wrap edges. You can also end up damaging your car in the process. Not to mention wasting hundreds of dollars in film because it came out with debris, or misaligned, or not properly fitting.

Want your car to have the gloss you bought it with down the line? Want to prevent UV and road debris damage and maintain the vehicle’s resale value with flawless paint?


Contact us today to ensure your car remains scratch- and chip-free! We offer paint protection film, ceramic coatings, wheel powder coat, and window tinting services to Ventura County and Los Angeles County!


  1. I appreciate your explanation when you told us that paint protection film is applied to cars to protect the exterior from scrapes, debris, etching, staining, and flying rocks to help with the vehicle’s longevity. I need extra protection for my car’s paint since the vehicle was handed to me by my dad when I got my license recently, so it’s a little old now. I’ll take note of this while I look for coating services in Powder Springs to help me with the paint protection my car needs soon.

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