Ghost Shield Tesla Model Y Stealth aka Satin Paint Protection Film Installation

Protect Tesla Paint

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Protect Tesla Paint

As a Tesla owner, you’re well aware of the unique soft paint of your electric vehicle. Protecting your Tesla’s beautiful paint finish is a priority. If you’re considering Paint Protection Film (PPF) or Ceramic Coat for your Tesla, this blog is for you. We’re here to provide you with a comprehensive guide that answers all the queries Tesla owners often have about PPF. So let’s talk about how you can protect tesla paint immediately after receiving.

1. What Is Paint Protection Film (PPF)? Explained in 2 minutes.

Paint Protection Film (PPF), also known as clear bra or wrap, is a transparent layer of film applied to the exterior of a vehicle. It’s designed to protect the car’s paint and finish from various forms of damage while being virtually invisible. PPF is particularly popular among Tesla owners due to their car’s sleek and premium look..

2. How Does it work, what does Self-healing PPF Do?

Self-healing Paint Protection Film (PPF) acts as a shield for your Tesla’s paint. It absorbs and disperses minor impacts and scratches and can repair itself when exposed to heat, maintaining your car’s appearance and protecting it from damage.

When the film sustains minor surface scratches or swirl marks, the heat from the sun or warm water causes the elastomeric polymer to return to its original form, effectively “healing” the damage and maintaining the film’s smooth, clear appearance. This process helps protect your car’s paint from minor abrasions, preserving its overall look.

3. What Makes PPF Suitable for My Tesla?

Many Tesla models feature soft paint, making them more susceptible to chips and scratches. PPF acts as a robust shield that helps maintain your car’s finish.

  1. Our film is Tesla Approved: PPF is approved and recommended by Tesla for its vehicles, ensuring compatibility and protection.
  2. Custom Fit: PPF can be precisely cut and applied to match the contours of your Tesla, offering complete coverage without dragging blades across your paint unnecessarily.
  3. Self-Healing: Many PPFs feature self-healing properties, which help remove minor scratches and swirl marks when exposed to heat or warm water.
  4. UV Protection: PPF shields your Tesla’s paint from harmful UV rays, preventing fading or discoloration.
  5. Durability: PPF is tough and resistant to impacts, preventing damage from rocks, debris, or road hazards.
  6. Maintains Resale Value: Keeping your Tesla’s paint in pristine condition preserves its resale value.
  7. Easy Maintenance: PPF is easy to clean and maintain, providing long-lasting protection.

4. Is PPF Noticeable on My Tesla? 

Not at all. 5The Tesla beneath has been wrapped in gloss paint protection film. Can you notice a difference?

When professionally installed, high-quality PPF is virtually invisible. It preserves your Tesla’s original look while providing excellent protection. If anything it enhances the gloss. Making it appear newer for longer.

5. Can PPF Protect Soft Tesla Paint?

Absolutely. In fact, due to the soft paint on many Teslas, PPF is highly recommended.

6. How Long Does PPF Last?

PPF typically comes with warranties ranging from 5 to 10 years, sometimes even more. With proper care and maintenance, it can extend beyond this timeframe. Our PPF comes with a 10 year warranty.

7. Can I Apply Ceramic Coating Over PPF?

Yes, Ceramic Coating can be applied over PPF. It further enhances the gloss and protection of your Tesla.

8. Do I Need Both PPF and Ceramic Coating to protect my Tesla?

While both provide significant protection, they serve different purposes. Many Tesla owners opt for PPF to guard against physical damage and then apply Ceramic Coating for added shine and hydrophobic properties.

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9. How Do I Care for PPF on My Tesla?

PPF requires gentle care. Avoid abrasive cleaning methods. Use pH-neutral soaps and follow proper washing techniques.

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10. Is Professional Installation Necessary?

To ensure your Tesla’s warranty remains intact and to achieve optimal results, professional installation of PPF is essential.

11. How Do I Choose the right installer to Protect my Tesla?


Select a trusted service provider with years if not decades of experience working on Teslas, positive customer reviews, and expertise in PPF installation. Make sure you ask what type of film you are getting. XPEL, STEK and SUNTEK are among the most popular. We install XPEL.  If you live near Ventura or Los Angeles county you can trust Ghost Shield Film. We have wrapped over 1,000 Teslas. We wrap Tesla’s every week. Over 200 reviews with an average score of 4.8.

12. Is PPF Worth the Investment?

Debunking Common Myths About Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Teslas and Paint Protection Film is a match made in Heaven. We’ve never heard of a customer regretting getting clear bra or a nice satin wrap. More often than not first time customers become repeat customers after they have had the chance to enjoy the product everyday. Considering the soft paint of Teslas and the exceptional protection PPF offers, it’s a valuable investment. It not only preserves your car’s beauty but also its resale value.

13. Does PPF/ Clear Bra really work?

We have heard testimonial after testimonial of how happy people were that they had it installed upon receiving. It saves hundreds of people every day from thousands of dollars in damage and resale value loss. If you’re ready to provide the ultimate protection for your Tesla, consider our Ceramic Coating service in conjunction with PPF. This combination offers your car superior protection and an enhanced shine.

14. PPF vs Ceramic Coat on Tesla

Thousand Oaks Ceramic Coat

Thousand Oaks Ceramic Coat

Choosing between PPF (Paint Protection Film) and ceramic coating for your Tesla comes down to your specific needs:

Protect Tesla Paint with PPF (Paint Protection Film):
1. PPF offers superior physical protection against rock chips, scratches, and minor dings, ideal for Tesla’s soft paint.
2. It provides self-healing properties, reducing visible damage over time.
3. PPF adds a clear layer that shields the paint from environmental hazards, including UV rays and road debris.
4. The installation is more complex and costly than ceramic coating.

Protect Tesla Paint with Ceramic Coating:
1. Ceramic coatings offer excellent protection against UV damage, oxidation, and chemical contaminants.
2. They enhance paint’s gloss and make maintenance easier.
3. Ceramic coatings are cost-effective compared to PPF.
4. However, they do not provide the same level of physical protection against rock chips and deep scratches.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your priorities. If you want the highest level of physical protection, PPF is the way to go. If you value long-term paint protection, ease of maintenance, and enhanced appearance, ceramic coating may be more suitable. Some car owners even combine both options for comprehensive protection.

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