4 Tips to Consider: Paint Protection Film

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So you just bought a luxury car or a daily-driver you want to protect paint protection film (clear bra). A car is a large investment that you will enjoy… and protect… for years to come. The most popular and effective way to achieve this goal is investing in a paint protection film (PPF) wrap. In addition to shielding your vehicle’s …

What Everyone Should Know About Paint Protection Film!

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Since paint covers the largest surface area of the car, it will most likely over the years, begin fading or become damaged. Your vehicle may look a lot older than it really is. This is why it is vital to protect the aesthetic appeal of your car using paint protection film. For many drivers paint protection film is a somewhat unknown method …

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10 Ways to Customize Your Tesla Model Y

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1 – Self-Healing Stealth Paint Protection Film Also Known as Model Y Paint Protection Film or “Model Y Wrap”. This option allows you to turn the color of your vehicle to a satin finish and all while offering the best available protection to the paint! We use the Suntek Ultra brand of film, which offers a self-healing top coat for …